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From: Jake Toksmer
Subject: College and Grad School 17Thanks again to all of you who have emailed me and encouraged me. I really
appreciate it.This next chapter a lot of you will find to be Preteen Toplist wholly unbelievable - and I
don’t blame you. It’s one of three incidents in my life that I feel are
more like porn than anything else. Telling a friend of mine about this
once, he was surprised, but said he himself had participated in things far
worse.Anyway, that’s my explanatory note for this chapter. While it sounds
totally surreal - and I’ll admit, it was - it was nevertheless what
happened right before the end of my junior year.
Chapter 17: Preteen Toplist
Asshole, I Never, and Drunken Preteen Toplist
DebaucheryYou know how you sometimes look back at what you were doing - or even kind
of step outside of yourself while you’re doing something - and wonder how
in the world you ended up where you are?Well, the time that sticks out in my mind the most was at a Card Games
night.My friend Joe had invited me to go over with him. I knew all of the guys
there even if I had never officially met all of them Preteen Toplist before. Anyway, Joe
invited me to go with him to our friend Jeff’s apartment for some gaming
and drinking.Jeff’s roommate was Matt, a nice guy I’d hung out with a couple of times at
bars or parties but never really talked to a lot. Also over were Dean,
Tommy, Alex, and Paul.Dean and Tommy were some of Matt’s good friends that I’d talked to about as
much as I had talked to Matt. Alex was a Preteen Toplist guy I had seen on campus several
times and actually never talked to - and he was one of those ultra cut, not
too muscular but extremely fit guys. He was about six feet tall, had dirty
blond hair, a nice tan, and was so ripped. I’d seen him many times at the
gym and elsewhere but never talked to him. Paul was Matt’s little brother
in his fraternity.So we go over and I was expecting to play (and lose at) poker. I’m not a
good player but the chance to go out and have a good time, losing the games
or not, was appealing. Plus, I knew Joe and the other guys well enough to
know that when they started drinking, they really did it right.We played several different games, few of which I remember. Finally we
moved into the game Asshole, which I think goes by about a million
different names on campuses across the country. Anyway, that’s what we
were playing. We were all tipsy, I’d say, until we started playing “I
Never” in addition to Asshole.Asshole slowed down a lot. I Never picked up and was taking its place,
though the card game was still going on.We were all sitting around the room - Jeff, Paul, and Matt were on the
couch, Alex was on the floor at one end clockwise from Matt, Tommy next to
him, I was seated on the floor next to Tommy, Dean on the floor next to me
(we were in front of the coffee table), and finally Joe on the far end of
the table, next to the couch.The “I Never” statements were making the rounds around the group and, well,
I had done enough to where when we got to the sexual suggestions I was
still drinking. But Paul wasn’t.”I never had sex,” Matt said, taking a swig. All of us but Paul drank.”What? You haven’t?” Jeff asked.”No… not yet,” Paul said, a little nervously.No one thought that much of it, since really, it’s not that big a deal to
be a freshman and a virgin. No one but Jeff. He was interested in how far
the inexperience went. So the questions went on, but more lighthearted.”I never had a blowjob.” No from Paul, where all of the attention was.
“I’ve never made out with a girl.” Still nothing. “I never kissed a
girl.” Nothing.Jeff had been asking this stuff and we’d all been taking our shots. I was
surprised that Paul hadn’t even kissed a girl yet - we were all making some
pretty incredulous statements as to how he could be 18 years old Preteen Toplist
and never
kissed a girl. He seemed like a bit of a little stud to be honest, but
apparently was just really shy. Or gay…And Jeff went there next.”I never kissed… a guy?” Jeff said. It was almost a question, as though
he was afraid of the answer. Paul shook his head, but I took my shot of
beer - honesty is important in this game, right? Out of the corner of my
eye - all of our attention was on Paul - I saw Joe took a shot, rather
discreetly. More directly, though, I saw Alex take a shot just as openly
as I just did.I caught his eye while we both had our heads tilted back and there Preteen Toplist was a
twinkle of sorts in his. We put our shot glasses down and refilled - I
winked at him as we set our glasses down. And we turned out attention back
to Paul.”I can’t believe you’ve never kissed anyone, or done anything else!” Jeff
was saying.”Hey Jeff… not to stop your abuse of poor Paul here, but I should point
out that these two jokers,” Tommy indicated Alex and me, “just drank when
you said ‘kissed a guy.’”Paul looked half-relieved and half-shocked. Everyone else just looked at
us in shock. And we just let it sit there in the air for a minute or two.
Finally Dean said something.”You’ve really kissed a guy?” He asked us.”Well, yeah,” I said. Alex just nodded.”Dude… eww,” Dean said.”What do you mean ‘eww?’ It’s not a big deal. Hell, I’ve even kissed a
guy before,” Joe said.”I just can’t imagine… like… that’d just be so weird,” Dean replied.”It’s really not,” I said. “See?”And I leaned way over the coffee table as Alex leaned up and locked lips.
We had been making eyes at each other since this conversation had started
and so it just happened that we both knew what we were doing. And we
kissed passionately, mouths wide-open, tongues circling one another. We’d
had plenty of beer, too - I could taste it on him.”See, it’s no big deal,” Joe said, while Alex and I were exploring one
another’s mouths.We broke off and sat back down where we had been. And then Jeff said,
“Yeah, that was nothing.”Tommy, who had the best view having been on the end of the Preteen Toplist table with Alex
and I on either side of him, was stunned, I think. And then he said,
rather quietly, “Kinda hot.”"What???” Matt asked. “Tommy, did you just say it was kinda hot?”"Yeah.” He paused. “I’m not gay.”We all broke into laughter - none of us actually expected Tommy to be gay.”Well, uh, I never… got a blowjob from a guy,” Dean said, eyes on both
Alex and me.Alex and I drank, no one else did.”I never GAVE a dude a blowjob,” Jeff said.Again, Alex and I both drank. I think I heard a laugh and a gasp and
silence.”I never fucked a guy,” Joe said.Alex and I drank.”I’ve never been fucked by a guy,” Joe again.And Alex and I drank.At that point, there was utter disbelief, wide eyes and open mouths.No one asked us if we were gay. I don’t know if they assumed, or didn’t
care, or what, but no one asked. There was just silence that lingered for
a few moments.Then Dean said, “I heard gay guys give the best blowjobs.”"It’s true,” I said. I wasn’t flaunting my own abilities, I was simply
stating a known fact.”Prove it,” Jeff challenged me - though I think he meant it as a joke.Alex and I both got up and moved towards Jeff. There was silence. I don’t
think anyone had been expecting this - I know I wasn’t, but I was enjoying
it nevertheless.I have to say that, by this point, we were all very drunk. And either all
of these guys were closeted or bisexual or at the very least curious. It
doesn’t matter, really - no one was opposed to the idea. I do think it’s
appropriate to quote the old saying I heard back when I was in high school,
though: “The difference between a straight guy and a bisexual guy is
roughly four beers.”Anyway, back to the living room of Matt and Jeff’s apartment.I knelt down in front of Jeff as Alex stood there. I reached for Jeff’s
belt when Matt stopped me.”Dude? What the fuck? Jeff’s had a blowjob before! Poor Paul here’s
never had a thing!” he said.So Alex moved over a little and we both knelt down in front of Paul. Paul
was white as a sheet, drunk as a skunk, and I could probably come up with a
couple other similes or rhyming phrases, but not right now. He did have a
look of sheer terror on his face, though, and Alex and I both started to
loosen and pull down Paul’s shorts and underwear.Matt got up from the couch to allow us more room.Alex and I licked up and down Paul’s shaft, frenching one another again at
the tip of Paul’s dick before running our tongues back down his dick. He
was hard in less than thirty seconds and Alex and I broke it off, not
wanting to rush this whole thing.I came up and looked around. Everyone was watching, Joe was even standing
up to get a better look.Alex started back up again, very slowly. I will say from later experience
that Alex is EXTREMELY talented with that mouth of his, and it’s a credit
to his talent that Paul didn’t erupt Preteen Toplist almost immediately.Jeff piped up, “Okay. Now prove it to me.”So I slid over, undid his jeans and slid them and Preteen Toplist his underwear down just
enough to get to his dick.And then I stopped - I’ve had a guy or two come when I wasn’t expecting it
and I liked the t-shirt I was wearing. So I took it off and tossed it to
Joe, who put it on the chair behind him. Joe also turned on the tv to
cover up the moans that Paul was emitting. Didn’t want to disturb the
neighbors too much.Anyway, I went down on Jeff and started slowly sliding my tongue up and
down the sides of his dick, playing with the head lightly whenever I
brought my mouth to the top. Finally I wrapped my entire mouth around his
cock and slid my mouth all the way down, taking the entire thing to the
back of my throat.Jeff let out a little moan of pleasure - his eyes were closed when I came
up for air and looked.This went on for a couple of minutes until Dean said, “This is actually
making me fairly horny. I don’t know if I can wait for my turn, haha.”Tommy, Joe, and Matt laughed.”You might not have to wait that long,” Jeff said, moaning. “But you
definitely have to try this. Mmmm…”I came up for air again, totally off Jeff’s dick, and turned around to Dean
and said, “There are other ways, Dean.” And with that I tugged on the back
of Alex’s cargo shorts.Alex was wearing a skin-tight black tank-top, which totally showed off his
sleek, beautiful body. His cargo shorts were pretty standard, but were
coming down as I tugged. I stopped, though, not wanting to expose his ass
when he may not want that.But he did. He stopped pleasuring Paul just long enough to say, “Yeah,
dude, come on,” and he dropped his shorts and underwear down to the floor,
which was only to his knees.Dean was shocked, I think, and was partly making a joke. So he sat there
for a second when Alex came back off of Paul and said, “Dude, what’s it
going to be? Do it, or don’t, but don’t tease me like that.”Dean shrugged and decided to go for it. He crawled over and started to
undo his jeans when I came off of Jeff’s dick and asked Matt if he had any
lube of any kind. He didn’t, but did have some un-medicated, fragrance-
and additive-free aloe (since it was late spring, everyone probably had
some for their unexpected sunburns). Pure aloe works great, I told him, so
he ran upstairs and got some, tossing it to Dean when he came back
downstairs.So Dean proceeded to push into Alex, who was still blowing Paul. I was
still giving Jeff his fair share when I heard Paul Preteen Toplist moan loudly and shake a
bit. He was shooting his load directly into Alex and Alex was swallowing
every bit of it.Right about that same moment, Dean was talking about how great it felt to
fuck Alex. So Joe decided he’d do that with me. He grabbed the back of my
shorts and started to tug when I popped off of Jeff’s dick and smacked his
hand.”No, no, Joe. One at a time, please,” I said.”Aww, come on, Jake, I want my turn.”"Nyym mmmm nnn,” which was the best I could reply having wrapped my mouth
back around Jeff’s dick.It wasn’t but a minute or two when Jeff came in my mouth, shooting a rather
large wad of cum directly at the back of my throat. I swallowed it all and
tried to encourage every last drop out before back off his dick.Tommy hadn’t said a word the entire time, and Matt had disappeared
upstairs.I stood up and looked around. In front of me was Jeff, to his left was a
purely entranced Paul, with Alex still on his dick, no doubt doing
something I’d never thought about to Paul’s super-sensitive spent penis.
Right behind him was Dean, slowly sliding in and out of Alex’s ass. Alex
was making some Preteen Toplist nice soft little moans of pleasure.Tommy had moved the coffee table when Alex and I had first both gone down
on Paul. And he stood there.Joe asked me, “Is it my turn yet?”"Yeah, grab the aloe,” I said, as I dropped my shorts and underwear and
kicked them off, as well as my sandals I’d been wearing.Joe lowered his jeans and underwear and lined up, rubbing a fair amount of
aloe over his dick first. I asked for the bottle since he didn’t do
anything about my hole and I wanted at least some preparation before taking
it all in. So, sufficiently lubed, Joe pushed into my ass and I moaned. I
had been so turned on with the site of Alex getting fucked and having just
blown Jeff that I knew I wouldn’t last long. I told Joe to go faster.And he did. I moaned with pleasure as Joe rapidly increased his pumping
into my ass. It felt good, and it felt really exhilarating to be standing
there, the only one naked, getting my ass pounded. I was leaning on the
chair Joe had been sitting in earlier for support, but seeing Tommy and
Jeff watching, Paul watching (somewhat deliriously, actually), and seeing
Alex on all four with Dean behind him, I wasn’t sure how long I’d last. It
was, in a word, hot.Joe kept at it and I shot my load quickly, almost unexpectedly. And when I
did, and my ass clamped down on Joe’s dick, he moaned with delight. He
kept sliding in and out of my ass, which felt so damn good, even though I
was already spent.Matt reappeared to say he’d ordered pizza and just marveled at the scene in
his and Jeff’s living room.Literally, not a moment later, I felt Joe’s dick swell in my ass and pump
his load into me. He kept sliding in and out slowly, calming down after
the intensity. When he pulled out of me I turned around and kissed him.
Since he was the only other one besides Alex and me that had either
admitted to or actually kissed a guy, he kissed back and wasn’t shocked by
it.I stopped, looked over at Matt, and asked if he had some water.”Whatever we’ve got in the kitchen man, it’s yours.”So I walked into the kitchen, finding nothing but more beer in the fridge.
I walked back into the living room and Paul had moved off to one side of
the couch and was watching with everyone else while Dean slowly slid his
dick in and out of Alex’s hole.Something about Dean is that he’s a lover. He can’t just have sex with
someone quickly and get it over with. No, he takes ages. And he’s a good
lover, too. He’s very good with everything he does, and as long as there’s
time, it’s really good. It was awhile before I found out for myself, but I
can say I know from experience.We literally stood around for another solid ten minutes before Dean came in
Alex’s ass. It Preteen Toplist really took that long. At that point, Alex got up, a
little shakily, but with a huge smile on his face and told us how great it
was.He walked over to me, having stood up and walked out of his shorts.
Everyone was back to their normal fully-clothed mode while Alex stood there
in his tank top, socks, and sneakers. I stood there naked - I think I’ve
already established how I’m pretty comfortable being naked.He grabbed my hand and pulled me around the corner into the kitchen with
him while everyone sort of took stock of what had just happened. He
grabbed a beer for himself and took a swig before passionately kissing me
open-mouthed.As typically happens at a party, everyone moved into the kitchen/dining
room area. Joe and Dean were going on and on about how awesome it was to
fuck us, and Tommy, Matt, Jeff, and even Paul were all laughing about it.
It was strange, almost like being in a locker room after a big game. A few
lightly placed fun punches, pats on the back, and high-fives. No kidding.
It was strange, but a good sense of camaraderie.We were all standing around, joking, and drinking out beers when Jeff asked
Joe, “So was it really that good?”"Yeah, man, you’ve got to try it.”"Shit, and I already got a blowjob,” he said.”What?” I said, “If you’re up for it, I’m up for it. But first… how
exactly was that blowjob?”"Fuckin’ A, man, you were right,” he said.”Okay then,” I smiled, “let’s do it.”And I hopped up on the dining room table. The shades were drawn so anyone
in the parking lot walking by couldn’t see that there was a naked guy lying
up on the table with his ass exposed to the world. Jeff walked around in
front of me and I lifted my legs - and this Preteen Toplist was the moment I stepped out of
myself and was in a bit of awe at what was going on. Here I was, lying on
a dining room table, getting ready to be fucked by a second guy in the same
day - the same hour, no less. Jeff pushed in and started slowly sliding in
and out, just like Joe had.Despite Jeff being about 6′2″ or so, he wasn’t much different in size or
shape from Joe. Nothing spectacular, but since I’d already blown him and
he had come once, this was going to take a bit longer. But we went with
it, with some soft moans from me.After a couple of minutes of getting my ass pounded for a second time, the
doorbell rang. Well, the door is all of four feet from where I’m lying on
the dining room table. Jeff froze, while Preteen Toplist
Matt grabbed his wallet and
everyone else looked a little stunned.I looked up at Jeff, who had started to pull out and had a scared look on
his face.”Jeff, keep going. Keep fucking me,” I begged.”WHAT??”"Come on, dude, keep going.”And he did, sliding his dick in and out of my hole.So with Jeff pounding my naked ass on the dining room table, surrounded by
a four guys fully clothed and one guy in nothing but a tank-top (and
sneakers), Matt answered the door. The guy paid no attention at first,
undoing the Velcro strap on the pizza delivery bag and telling Matt the
total. It wasn’t until he looked up and handed Matt the pizzas that he saw
what was going on. And thank goodness Matt is a good catch - the guy
dropped the pizzas as he saw me on the table like that.He took the money without evening counting and started to walk off quickly.
Matt had to run after him and ask for the change.Matt came back in and put the pizzas on the countertop in the kitchen while
Jeff continued to fuck me. Everyone else grabbed pizza and Matt even
bought a plate over to Jeff, who picked up his pace. I tensed up and came
for a second time, shooting my less massive load all over my chest. Jeff
came Preteen Toplist shortly after and pulled out almost immediately, chowing down on the
pizza Matt had brought over.I lowered my legs and relaxed a bit before finally getting up off the table
and walking over to the kitchen. I washed my hands and grabbed a slice of
pizza. I grabbed another beer and walked back into the dining room,
standing by the counter from the kitchen to eat. Yes, I was naked. Yes,
my ass was full of cum. Yes, my chest was covered in my own jizz while I
ate my pizza and drank my beer. And it rocked my world!We ate, we joked, and finally about an hour or so later I went upstairs to
the bathroom and cleaned myself up a little. Coming back downstairs I
grabbed my underwear and shorts and threw them on, tossed my shirt over my
shoulder, and got ready to leave. Found my sandals as Alex put his clothes
back on and we left with Preteen Toplist Joe and Dean. Tommy and Paul had left while I was
upstairs washing the dried cum off my chest.I walked back with Joe - Dean and Alex had headed off to their respective
homes. Only after we were walking back alone did Joe say anything about
what had happened.”I had no idea you were gay, Jake.”"Really? Huh… well, yeah, there you go,” I said.”So, was that… fun? Did you like that?” he asked.”Yeah, man. It was awesome. I’ve never had sex with two guys in one
night, and sucked off a third Preteen Toplist
- well, sorta a third - but it was a lot of
fun. And I always sorta wanted to hook up with you, so it was cool.”I got home and everyone was fast asleep. I tried to be as quiet as
possible, but it wasn’t working too well - I stumbled into my desk in my
room, waking Dave.”Dude… what time is it?” he asked.”About two or so,” I slurred.”Are you drunk?”"A little.”"Did you have sex? Your sorta smell, dude.”I didn’t answer; I turned around and went to the bathroom and showered.I woke up with a killer Preteen Toplist
hangover and honestly thought it had been some
intense dream until Alex called me the next morning. He had called Joe to
get my number and said he liked meeting me and hoped we could hang out
sometime again soon. But that story will have to wait for now.

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